Reusable vs. Disposable Coffee Cups | Tazzetto Coffee Sustainability Analysis

Ditch the Disposables! Bringing Reusable Cups Pays Off For The Environment And Your Wallet!

Is investing in a reusable coffee cup worth it? It depends. Are you a daily coffee drinker? If you are drinking a cup of coffee or tea every day out of a disposable cup you could be producing up to 23 pounds of waste per year.

When comparing the impact that a reusable and disposable coffee cup may have on the environment there are many different factors to consider. One disposable cup has less of an environmental impact because it takes a lot less energy and natural resource to make than something like a ceramic cup. However, if you use your reusable cup enough you will be saving all those natural resource and energy as well as creating less waste.

How many times do I have to use my reusable cup to actually make a difference? When it comes to figuring out the impact that you have on the environment there are many key indicators involved. You have to factor in the amount of energy and natural resources being used as well as any pollution that is being created. Below is an estimate on how many uses it would take to make a difference depending on the material of the cup.

  • Glass is the best alternative: In a glass mug, you can start making a positive environmental impact after about 6 uses.
  • Reusable plastic is next: The break-even point for a plastic reusable cups is as low as 7 uses.
  • Ceramic cups are also a great alternative: Even though ceramic cups are not recyclable they last forever (if you’re not clumsy) and you can start making a positive impact after 15 uses.

In Italian, Tazzetto roughly translates to little cup. A big part of our values is that we care about preserving the environment and making it easy to live a sustainable lifestyle. Next time you stop by Tazzetto bring your reusable cup and get 25 cents off any drink - a little discount as our way to say thank you.

Tazzetto Is Your Tool To Be More Sustainable

Check out our new line of reusable cups available soon on our Accessories Page. Unfortunately. sustainability is often ignored if it is the less convenience choice. By providing high quality and beautiful reusable products, we aim to help you help your friends and family be more green!