Tazzetto Venetian Gold Whole Bean Espresso Bag 2.2lbs

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Venetian Gold Whole Bean Premium Espresso Coffee 1kg / 2.2lbs per bag.

Through it’s maritime tradition and dedicated merchants, Venice became a crucial waypoint in the globalized trade that first introduced coffee beans to much of Europe in the 14th century. Continuing in this rich tradition, our Venetian Gold blend contains beans from seven different equatorial regions, carefully blended to create an espresso with a well rounded body, and a rich, golden crema. Slow roasted, and imbued with the care and attention typically only found with local artisan coffee makers, this blend offers a chocolatey and fruity flavor, a pleasantly bitter aftertaste, and a unique, indelible floral intensity.

A selection from Tazzetto's Artisan Line

Tazzetto’s Artisan Blends have been produced in Sicily since 1920. We use a distinct small batch slow-roasting process which ensures consistency across each batch.

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1 Review

Matt scully May 5th 2020

Venetian Gold

Best Coffee!!

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